Vaughan Williams Tuba Cto 1971 w BSO/Steinberg & me

Here is a performance which I have never shared. It’s 1971, with the Boston Symphony, William Steinberg conducting, recorded live in Symphony Hall, Boston. I am playing the Ralph Vaughan Williams “Concerto for Tuba”, on my goldbrass 6-valve Alexander F tuba. Hope you enjoy this ‘look-back’ from 47 years ago……

1 thought on “Vaughan Williams Tuba Cto 1971 w BSO/Steinberg & me

  1. John Michael Luther


    We met in Orange County Calif. in the 90s I believe. The BSO performed the Mahler Symphony no. 2. At the end of the performance i shouted “Yeah Tuba” and you returned the compliment with the “One Way ” Sign. I knew that you were a believer am was I. I have since written a Tuba Concerto performed by Norm Pearson.

    You ave been a tremendous blessing to all of us and with your for your ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ.
    God Bless You

    John Michael Luther


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